Teacher Notes

EdYouToo's slogan is, “Unique content for unique learners,” and we try to accommodate as many learners possible in the simplest ways possible. In addition to thinking about the experience of learners, we're very interested in hearing from teachers. Schools often have their own unique challenges as well, the internet connection may be slow, the speakers may be poor quality and the students may be at many different levels in one class. As a teacher that has experienced all of these challenges, I've tried to put myself in your shoes and give options that help with these issues.

Educational research has shown the text options that we provide accommodate many LD students and there's a great deal of effort put into making these options empowering for everyone. English language learners are also a group we support, as the content is at the same attainment level in all of the videos, but narrated more simply and slowly with rich visuals to support the context of the content. The transcript option is also included because captions cannot be cut and pasted, so students can use external translation programs for words they find difficult.

Our Watch and Read function was originally designed to accommodate deafness, as some users wanted to be able to read the captions and not miss the animations, we also found that some educators like using this function as a classroom activity. Watch and Read videos display icons in the upper left corner to signal when captions will appear and bounce when they are about to disappear. Teachers can call on students to take turns reading different portions of the videos aloud, making the videos more interactive and an opportunity for students to use more active learning skills.

Ultimately, the options are named by what they do, not whom they were originally meant to accommodate. Teachers may find other ways to use these options that we haven't and we'd love to hear about that. Please contact us if you have feedback or to let us know how you're using these videos.

Thank you all!