Why aren't there more videos?

This site started in August 2017 and is still in beta mode, and the research and animation for our videos takes time. Our upcoming projects will cover World History and concepts about studying it. New videos will appear on this site about once a month, as soon as they are finished. Updates about upcoming videos are posted on our Facebook page.

How is this different than YouTube, TeacherTube or any other site?

Our player has more features than these sites designed especially for teachers and learners. We also have content that is curated in a way that is family friendly. When we add teacher blogs, that content will still belong to the teacher, we won't share it without permission.

While we do have a YouTube channel, we post videos here first and all of the versions and features are only available here. Our ads are also restricted to only show family friendly content, but if you see anything questionable, please click on the the x on the upper corner of the ad to report it to Google and/or contact us.

What is the Watch and Read feature?

This feature pauses or slows the animations when the captions are shown, the captions are shown in small paragraphs instead of short lines. We think this feature could be useful for deaf users, users that cannot access the audio of the videos and teachers and users can also use it so that they can narrate the videos themselves or in groups.

What is the Simplified feature?

This feature takes the scripts and phrases them to be in simpler English and slightly slower. Those learning English and want to access the content or for anyone that may find this helpful. Our goal with this feature is to have the content of the videos on the same educational level as the other versions and to allow more users to benefit from our videos.

Will the site be in other languages?

Because the site is international, we know that users often speak languages besides English. Part of our goal is to make learning in English fun and allowing those that are learning it to have greater access to more content. We do not plan to have multi language functions on this site but have built it so that users can use third-party support and translations that already know. The transcripts below the videos function as any text on the internet, so users can highlight and look up text from the videos.

Can I copy and paste the transcripts to use?

That depends. Educators can use this text for educational use for materials that will be used by their students. Students can use transcripts for personal study. The text cannot be used for profit or other purposes without asking us for permission. Nobody should copy and paste it pretending that they wrote it, that's just cheating!

The video is lagging!

Ugh, we hate that too. The videos will be available in a variety of resolutions, so you can choose a lower resolution that will load faster. Videos also buffer when paused, so if you press pause and wait, the video will load and allow you to watch uninterrupted.

I'm in China/ YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are blocked where I am, will this work here?

Yes! We host our own videos so that they will play anywhere.

Uploading things to social media and video websites made for China is difficult outside of China, we try to keep users in China updated as best we can. If you're in China and interested in helping us share content on sites like Weibo, Sina, Youku, and others, please contact us.

What's the topic of the next video? When will it be posted?

We post sneak peeks of videos and let everyone know the upcoming topics on our Facebook page. Each video generally takes about a month to make. So the next one will be in about a month.

I have a suggestion about a feature that would be helpful / I found a bug / I want to send fan mail

Please contact us with your suggestions and feedback.