About Us

As a teacher, I used short videos as part of lessons and I know that students often enjoy them. The problem was finding the right videos to use, some were too fast or too advanced, others were below my students' level and many that are free were poor quality. What I really wanted was videos that could change depending on the many different needs of my students, a series that had continuity and videos that my students looked forward to watching that I also would not mind watching over and over again. As much as I looked around I never found videos like this.

Before this site even appeared online, it was three years in the making. I went back to school to learn animation and voiceover (that's me you hear in the narration), constantly asked my teacher colleagues for their thoughts on what they wanted to see in videos, tested the videos with teachers and close friends that are deaf and even tried to learn coding (and failed.) Luckily, I knew someone that can code who is also passionate about this project.

What you see now is only the beginning. While creating these videos takes time, there are plans to branch out from Social Studies topics into Science, Health and more. This site will continue to grow and I hope that you are as excited about it as I am.

About EdYouToo's player


Some images used in animations from www.vecteezy.com, www.freepik.com and superawesomevectors.com.

Thanks to these sites and artists for providing such amazing stuff!