Unique Content for Unique Leaners

Welcome to a whole new way to customize videos for education. We have totally new features for reading captions, simplifying language, interacting with text and reading along with our animations, either alone or in groups. We love giving our viewers more choices and also creating more informative and fun content for everyone, all for free!

More Options for You

Not only do we offer new options to view videos, we also have features for schools and teachers to track students' progress. If you want to make sure students have watched the videos on their own, register your school and then teachers can register and enter their classes to track students' viewing. Students accounts will securely share their viewing with each teacher that has assigned them videos. Individuals can also have their own accounts that will track progress and suggest new videos. If you don't want to register at all, you're still free to navigate the site and view videos for free.

We will be adding premium options and more videos, which will include an ad-free experience, teacher blogs and content creation, HD video, quizzes and more. Stay tuned for updates!


Seen us on YouTube?


We upload some videos on YouTube to preview our content there. If you're only watching us there, you've been missing out! All of our videos are hosted here and have our unique features that YouTube does not support. This site is curated so that you'll have a 100% family-friendly, no clickbait, quality video experience. Also, if you're in China or somewhere that blocks YouTube, our videos can be viewed everywhere from this site. Browse Videos...

Research Based

Our content has been created with educational research, and not the fidget spinner kind of research. The caption options are based upon research on what colors and fonts people with dyslexia read best. Simplified English videos are created using readability metrics, so we can deliver the same curricular objectives while allowing access for more learners worldwide. We create animations while keeping in mind that some hearing impaired users will be using captions, so we keep the action above the caption area. Our Watch and Read option may also suit those that read captions along with those reading in a class or group.